What type of content is the most effective for your business?

What type of content is the most effective for your business?

Content is the name of the game. And, while everyone on the internet will tell you that one format reigns over all others (we typically hear this about video), the best content for your marketing truly depends on a few key factors:

1. What is your objective? Are you trying to spread awareness? Need to demonstrate a product? Want to share an in-depth story? Hoping to organically build a local community? Define your primary objective to make sure that you’re creating with purpose.

2. Where does your audience spend their time? Each platform has its own demographics and content expectations. Someone on LinkedIn expects content to be delivered differently than that same person on TikTok. The same message can be shared, but often the format will be catered to how the community consumes on the platform.

3. How does your audience consume the content? Who is your audience, and how do they actually consume content? Selling a B2B service to Fortune 500 executives requires a different approach than selling a $20 selfie ring light to a TikTok creator. Does your audience spend a majority of their time watching videos or reading articles? Multiple content streams is often a good approach, but you’ll want to be sure to spend your focus where it’s most effective.

4. How do you communicate most efficiently? If you’re an all-star writer but terribly shy on camera, forcing yourself on camera might not be the best way to communicate your story. Conversely, if the points above lead you to the conclusion that the type of communication needed isn’t your strong suit, you have a few options. Either you spend the time improving in that area, or find someone who can strengthen you in those areas while you focus on your strengths. Either way, ignoring the relationship between your audience and content is never the answer.

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Setting ambitious goals is part of the thrill of being an entrepreneur. But without the smalls steps along the way, the big goals are often mentally exhausting and sometimes seemingly impossible.⁠

Don’t forget, the small victories throughout the process are how you build toward the bigger picture.⁠

Dream big, and plan out the small steps to get you to your goals!

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Snap announces new Spectacles AR glasses, which let you overlay digital objects on the real world

“The new [AR] glasses allow users to see computer-generated imagery overlaid on their field of view in the real world. The Spectacles include two cameras, four microphones, a touchpad and buttons for controls. Users can also give audio commands to the device by saying, “Hey Snapchat.” The new Spectacles are equipped with 30 minutes of battery life..”

(via CNBC)


Facebook Launches Live-Stream Shopping Events, the Next Stage in its Evolving eCommerce Push

“Facebook is taking the next step in its evolving eCommerce push with the introduction of a new “Live Shopping Fridays” series, which will see the platform host live-streamed shopping experiences, in conjunction with selected retailers, that will invite viewers to ask questions about products, and make purchases, all in-stream.”

(via Social Media Today)

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