Web 3.0 – Everything is about to change.

Web 3.0 – Everything is about to change.

When it comes to technology, the only constant is change.⁠ Evolution and expansion are unstoppable forces at the very core of technology. We saw it with the first wave of the internet in the 90’s with basic web pages. It happened again in 2004 with web 2.0 and the birth of social media sites (MySpace/Facebook), blogs, and web applications.

5G, Dogecoin, NFT… wtf? We’re now on the verge of a massive movement to web 3.0. But what does this mean for the future of business, networking, and tech?

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – We’ve already seen a glimpse of artificial intelligence with things like Siri, Alexa, and chatbots via Facebook… but this is only the beginning. The internet is opening the playing field for AI applications and is expected to play a massive role in the virtual assistant space.

2. Decentralization – This has been a popular buzzword, but what does it mean? On a basic level, it means data (information, currency, etc) no longer stored on one “central” location, but instead transferred to several “local” locations among a “data economy.” People in favor, suggest that taking away the control from a sole central entity improves transparency and expansion.

3. Cryptocurrency – Piggybacking off of the previous point, cryptocurrency is making massive headlines over this past year. While Bitcoin has been skyrocketing and now being accepted as payment in the “real world,” there have been loads of chatter over other cryptocurrencies as well. With a market cap of nearly 64 Billion USD, Dogecoin (once created as a joke) is now being accepted as payment with organizations such as the Dallas Mavericks.

4. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) – Perhaps the most fascinating trending topic of 2021 has been the rising interest in NFT. An NFT allows creators and businesses to create non-replicable, verified pieces that they can sell. This has been a great way for people to support artists and businesses and in return receive a limited-edition piece, gain exclusive access, and a variety of endless options. Much like a collectible, owners can resell NFTs at their will, and the original creator gets a kickback in perpetuity for future sales.

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How Will Web 3.0 Transform the Industry?

“For the average consumer, using cryptocurrency to buy a digital fashion item that will live exclusively on a screen seems like an out-of-reach scenario — for now.”

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