The real reasons why your content is flopping.

Why your content isn’t getting attention.

People love to blame the algorithm or “shadowbans” when their social media content isn’t performing as well as they think it should be. And while it’s true that organic reach gets more difficult every day, there are specific reasons why your content may be underperforming.

Here are 6 reasons why your content isn’t getting attention:

1. Your content is boring. We all want to believe that our content is the sh*t. The unfortunate truth is that what you find exciting may not be exciting for your audience. Pay attention to what excites your audience. Keep in mind that this may differ from platform to platform.
2. Your content isn’t educational. All content should serve a purpose, and that purpose is to bring value to your audience. That value is typically in the form of entertainment or education. While it may not always make sense for all audiences, take advantage of providing educational value to your audience when you can.
3. You’re not posting when your audience is looking. You wouldn’t plan a party for 3 am, would you? Of course not. Your friends would think you’re crazy, and no one would show up. It’s important to know when your core audience is spending their time online and posting accordingly.
4. You’re inconsistent. You posted 6 times this month, twice last month, and were completely absent the month before that? Getting into a consistent rhythm sets an expectation for your audience, but also gives your content more opportunities to land on their feed.
5. Your visuals are underwhelming. We live in a highly sensory period where visuals are everything. The average person flips through their social feeds faster than they can process. If you can’t effectively grab their attention with your graphic or video, it’s likely that they’ll just keep flipping.
6. Your copy (caption) isn’t engaging. Once you grab the audience’s attention with a graphic, the caption should continue to draw them in. Tell a story. Make them laugh. Provide valuable insight. Encourage engagement.

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What is your “why?”⁠

Why did you start your company? Share your story.

Why is your product or service special to you? Tell the world.

Why are you setting out with your mission?⁠ Get personal with your audience.

Your audience wants to connect with you on a deeper level. Sharing your “why” will help deepen that connection.

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