Predictions for social media marketing in 2022.

Predictions for social media marketing in 2022.

Where should you be focusing your social media marketing in 2022? Truthfully, it’s not a one-size-fits-all answer. What works for a global electronics company likely isn’t what will work best for a small bakery. Keeping an eye on audience attention and marketing trends is a good place start.

Here are a few of our trend predictions for social media marketing in 2022:

  • Reels will continue to be a massive push for Instagram as the company continues to battle TikTok and YouTube Shorts for attention. And, when a platform is pushing a feature, the algorithm tends to be a bit more generous.

  • Audio content, and more importantly, live audio content will continue to rise in popularity this year as platforms like Clubhouse, Facebook, and Twitter push it hard. Audio is great for audiences who want to consume your content while multitasking. 

  • Social commerce will get a bit of a surge in the near future as platforms like Instagram push to make social selling easier directly from the platform.

  • Influencer marketing has been an untapped resource for many businesses and creators alike. However, as we see the social landscape continue to boom with a flood of new creators on platforms like TikTok, we suspect you’ll be seeing a lot more clever sponsored content disguised as authentic, organic content.

  • Ephemeral (disappearing) content may start to lose some steam as 41% B2C marketers (via HubSpot) have stated that they’ll stop utilizing features like Instagram Stories this year and put their effort into other areas.

  • Audience connection and authenticity are more important now than ever. This may not feel like marketing, but it may be the top trend for social media marketing in 2022. Tell your story and engage on a personal level with your audience to build deeper, longer-lasting connections.

Wrapping up…

Staying on top of trends for social media marketing in 2022 is a full-time job in itself. Trust me, we totally get it. A properly executed social media strategy can set you up for more awareness, traffic, and leads. Is now the time to level up your social media marketing? Set up a short, FREE discovery call, and let’s chat about your goals to see if we can help!

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