🤔 Should you be sharing your content to all social platforms?

Should you be sharing your content to all social platforms?

You’ve got a mission, a product launch, a service (etc) and you want to get the word out. Should you be blasting content to all platforms? If you’ve been scrubbing the internet looking for an answer, it’s likely you’ve seen “yes,” “no,” and everything in between. Here’s our take:

1. Understand your business. Before you spend hours on content, it’s key to recognize what exactly your business, product, service is — and just as importantly, what it isn’t. It’s hard to sell something you’re unsure about. You should be able to tell someone exactly what you have to offer in under 20 seconds. (spoiler alert, the average attention span of a human is now 8 seconds — that’s less than a goldfish.)

2. Define your strategy. You’ve got the grasp of what you have to offer, now let’s strategize. Is your main focus to drive sales, awareness, community growth? These don’t need to be exclusive, but it’s smart to have a primary objective. Also, keep in mind that it’s good practice to mix in non-promotional content to keep your audience from feeling like they’re being hit with ads.

3. Understand your audience. Each platform has people from all walks of life, but there are generalizations regarding demographics and social platforms. Knowing who your target demographic actually is can help you understand where your potential audience is spending their attention. Can you still post to all platforms? Of course, but knowing where they are most active can help you know where to focus more of your time and energy.

4. Understand the platforms. We’ve discussed this before, but we can’t overlook it here. Each platform is different in nearly every aspect: the type of content shared, the mindset of the audience, the expected tone of brands, how people engage, everything.

Keeping the above in mind, it’s always smart to meet the audience where they are and make your content as accessible as possible. Can you share a 60 minute video from last week’s conference on every platform? Not exactly. However, can you find ways to repurpose that 60-minute video in ways that make more sense for each platform? Absolutely. Post the full version to YouTube, then try cutting into 5-10 minute clips for Facebook, 60 second clips for TikTok/Instagram Reels, extract audio for a podcast, transcribe the audio into a blog post or for LinkedIn, use bites from that to share to Twitter, overlay short quotes over an image for Instagram. That one piece of content turns into a wealth of content across all platforms, just in their own format.

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