Repurposing content — is it a good idea?

Repurposing content — is it a good idea?

We now live in a content-driven world with a constant flood of noise battling for attention. You spend hours putting together the perfect blog post or crafting the best YouTube video, only for it to go essentially unnoticed. Maybe it’s the opposite and your piece of content goes viral. You made content specifically for one platform, but with some adjustments, it could be shared to other platforms. The question is, should you repurpose content in any of these instances?

The short answer — yes.

Is there value? The first thing you need to do is objectively evaluate if the content brings real value to your audience. If this piece of content flopped in the past, it may actually have nothing to do with the content itself. If you’re providing value in the form of education or entertainment, it could be worth repurposing.

Is it platform-specific? It’s no secret that different types of content perform better on certain platforms. A long-form B2B post will likely perform far better on LinkedIn than Instagram.

Can this content be adapted for other platforms? Let’s say you hosted a one-hour live stream event on Facebook where you discussed information or entertaining topics in your industry. There’s likely a massive wealth of content to be harvested here. For starters, you could strip the audio and repurpose your event as a podcast (this is perfect for people who aren’t available or have no interest in staring at a screen for hours). That one-hour video could also be edited into shorter 15-60 second video bites for Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Additionally, you can transcribe the most valuable pieces of the event into long-form text content for your blog or LinkedIn.

Has the original post engagement gone stale? Content can expect to see an expiration of engagement after a period of time. Not because it’s any less valuable, but simply because of the nature of social media. It gets buried. If the original content was shared months ago and still brings relevant value to the audience, it may be worth repurposing.

Have your channels grown recently? If you’ve seen a massive spike in new followers, it’s likely they haven’t seen your old content. This is a perfect opportunity to reshare your best content.

When it comes to content marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all plan. Fresh content is important in telling your story, but don’t shy away from repurposing content that brings value. We would love to help you effectively communicate and build an engaged community of people who will genuinely support your brand. Set up a short discovery call, and let’s see if we’re a good fit for your content strategy!

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Content is powerful. It can draw people in or it can push people away.⁠

One major issue businesses run into is trying to oversell their audience. Nobody wants to feel like they’re constantly being pushed products or services — even if they truly want it.⁠

Sales are important to any business, but if all content has the tone of a used car salesperson, you’re likely wasting your time.⁠

Instead, drive more content around educating your target audience on topics and news of your industry. Show the world that you’re an expert in your field and want to bring them as much value as possible. You’re far more likely to draw more attention (and thus, sales) with this long-term approach.

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