Gain the Attention of the Community

  Let Social Grit assist with your media outreach

Launching a new product? Holding a grand opening? Re-branding your business? Social Grit will make sure everyone knows what’s happening with your business. We can create social media posts and press releases for internal and external happenings at your place of business.

Whether you’re releasing a new burger for the month or opening a new location, we’ll make sure people know what’s going on. Call Social Grit Marketing today to start sounding the alarm.


Your promo is in the right hands

Since you can’t really shout news from the rooftops anymore, we’ll do the next best thing. Social Grit Marketing will:

  • Create a Facebook event
  • Send emails to organizers
  • Craft a press release
  • Reach out to local media outlets
  • Post real-time updates from the event

You’re making moves—we will, too. We’ll send your news to the media and the local community to give your business the exposure it deserves. Call Social Grit Marketing right now for a consultation.

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