👍 Customer experience is everything.

Customer experience is everything.

Things like quality, branding, and price points are always important, but today’s consumer is all about experience. Experience is what makes us *feel* a certain way about a product, service, or business. It’s what builds an emotional connection between consumer and the business.

Tips to improve customer experience:

1. Meet and exceed expectations. An initial experience that exceeds expectations is what to strive for. Exceeding expectations gets them telling their circle of friends and family about you. You don’t need to publicly undersell yourself to exceed expectations. Look for areas in the market where competitors often fall short or overlook.

2. Rectify a negative experience. A negative experience is just as (if not, more) powerful. People will often remember a negative experience far longer than a positive one. And, if it’s their first experience with your business, chances are that it will be their last. Simply “making it right” isn’t always going to win them over — instead, fix the current negative situation and incentivize them to return with a discount on their next visit/purchase/etc.

3. Pay attention to details beyond what you are selling. If you own a restaurant, you’re not just selling food. If you own a bar, you’re not just selling alcohol. If you’re a masseuse, you’re not just selling a 30 minute shiatsu. In these businesses, you’re providing an entire experience for your customer. Think about all senses of that experience. The lighting, music, aroma, furniture, fabrics… every detail plays an integral part in the vibe and overall customer experience.

We’ve all heard the Maya Angelou quote: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” These few tips above are just scratching the surface on how you can ensure your customers or guests have a positive experience and return for another visit.

BONUS TIP: Stay connected. In today’s world, these experiences expand beyond the initial transaction and continue onto the world of social media. Stay connected and engaged with customers to turn them into a community of fierce supporters. We can help you make this happen! Set up a short discovery call, and let’s see if we’re a good fit for your social media management!

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Is “perfection” crushing your business? ⁠

We’ve all fallen into the trap of expecting nothing less of “perfection.” Of course, nobody wants to push out a product, service, or even a social media post before it meets a certain quality standard. ⁠

Remember that quality is often subjective.⁠

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Instagram will start testing video to make it more like TikTok

Instagram will begin testing new video features over the coming months to make the social media platform compete more directly with TikTok and YouTube. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced the dramatic changes on Wednesday.

‘We’re no longer a photo-sharing app,’ Mosseri said in the video announcement. Video-sharing apps are rapidly expanding, and Mosseri says Instagram aims “to lean into that trend.'”

(via CNET)


Twitter considers new features for tweeting only to friends, under different personas and more

“Twitter has a history of sharing feature and design ideas it’s considering at very early stages of development. Earlier this month, for example, it showed off concepts around a potential “unmention” feature that would let users untag themselves from others’ tweets. Today, the company is sharing a few more of its design explorations that would allow users to better control who can see their tweets and who ends up in their replies.”

(via TechCrunch)

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