🥵 Burnout is real. Here’s how to avoid it.

Burnout is real. Here’s how to avoid it.

We may be in a “new normal,” but one thing that stays the same… BURNOUT! It can strike at any time. And, while it doesn’t matter who you are, entrepreneurs and small business owners are even more susceptible because they’re often required to stay in “always-on” mode.

So how can you avoid burnout? Here are a few tips.

1. If you’re starting a new business, make sure it’s for the right reasons. Making money is important, but if you’re not passionate about the business, you’re almost certain to face consistent burnout.

2. Take breaks. This seems obvious, doesn’t it? The sad fact is that many people find themselves working right through the entire day without breaking away for a quick breather or even lunch. Taking breaks—as often as 5 minutes every hour—can help you refocus and fight off burnout while actually increasing productivity.

3. Make lists.Lists are a great way to keep your thoughts, objectives, and priorities organized. Before the week gets started, make a list of your primary goals. Before each day, make a task list to help you work toward those goals. Checking off each item as you go will help you feel accomplished and put you in a positive mindset.

4. Avoid powering through stressful tasks when there are options. We’re always going to have deadlines that need to be hit. That’s just the nature of business. Keep yourself out of situations where you need to “power through.” If a task is stressing you out, look at options to rearrange your priorities and work on something else for a while. 

5. Identify and isolate negative stress. If you’re feeling oncoming stress, ask yourself, “what specific piece of this situation is stressing me out?” You may need to bring on extra help to hit the deadline. You may realize that you haven’t had your morning coffee or eaten in 12 hours. You’re not yourself when you’re hungry… grab a Snickers.

6. Delegate and automate work. Running a business is way more work than any single person should have to do themselves. Delegating and automating tasks allows things to get done while simultaneously freeing up your time.

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Facebook to pay creators $1 billion through 2022

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday announced the company plans to pay out $1 billion through 2022 to users who create content for its Facebook and Instagram social networks.

It’s one way the company hopes to attract influencers to create content for its platforms as it competes with other popular services, such as TikTok.”

(via CNBC)


Instagram Stories Drafts are Now Available to All Users

“Instagram announced that the feature was coming back in March, and now, all users have the option to save their Instagram Stories as drafts within the app.”

(via Social Media Today)

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