Are you too afraid to fail? 😱

Are you too afraid to fail?

Nobody sets out on a mission hoping to fail or resort to a “plan B,” but what actually happens when we live life by the mantra “failure is not an option?”

1. Prevents the ability to pivot. You won’t always have all of the answers. When you’re too afraid to fail, it can force you into tunnel vision without allowing yourself to pivot after you’ve started the process.

2. Stifles innovation. Innovating requires trying something new. And, when you try something new, it comes with a higher chance of a “less-than-successful”—or as some would call, a failed—outcome. 

3. Gives yourself a false ceiling. Afraid to fail? Then setting a big goal is too risky. 

When we’re too afraid to fail, we stop ourselves from experimenting, learning more about the process, and pushing the envelope — which is where true innovation and breakthroughs come from.⁠ The fear of failure is often actually just a fear of judgment. What would my friend think if I don’t reach my goal? What if a random person online throws shade at me?

The truth is… people don’t actually think about us as much as we think they do. And, guess what? Once we realize this, we realize that being too afraid to “fail” (being too afraid of judgment), is the true failure.

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