Setting yourself up for a successful 2022

Setting yourself up for a successful 2022


Ready to set yourself up for a successful 2022? New year’s resolutions. Yearly business objectives. Sales targets. Whatever you call them, ’tis the season to be setting them. It’s a new year, and many people see it as a chance to reevaluate and reset. 

Here’s how to set yourself up for a successful 2022:

• Be ambitious, but realistic. Go ahead and set goals that are ambitious, but make them attainable. If you haven’t even started your new business yet, don’t expect a billion-dollar valuation by year’s end.

• Try to avoid arbitrary goals. We get it, everyone wants a million social media followers, but what does that really mean? If you’re looking to hit a benchmark with vanity metrics, make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons. Sure, a million followers may be a bragging point at your next get-together, but is that really important if your audience doesn’t care about what you have to say?

• What does success look like in the big picture? Whether it’s to make your side hustle your main gig or to hire a team of employees, it’s good to have an idea of what a successful 2022 would look like to you.

• Define your “why.” Why is it important for you to reach this goal? It may be for financial freedom, or perhaps to fulfill a dream of escaping the 9-5. Whatever it is, it’s crucial to define your “why.” When things get difficult this year—and, they will—remembering why you’re on this mission will help you power through.

• Outline your roadmap. What smaller goals can you set along the way to help you achieve the bigger picture? Looking at the entire year can feel unattainable. Set tangible quarterly, monthly, or even weekly goals to help you stay motivated and on pace for a successful 2022.

• Be flexible. Don’t be afraid or too stubborn to pivot along the way. You may learn things throughout the year that affects or even completely changes your goals. This is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged.

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Happy New Year!

Ads are often skipped, ignored, and overlooked. It’s impressive when an ad campaign is not only memorable, but also becomes content that an audience enjoys and shares.

Here are a few of our favorite ad campaigns of 2021. What are you favorites?

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Wishing you all a successful 2022!


Set yourself up for a successful 2022 by building a solid social media strategy for your business.

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Set yourself up for a successful 2022 by analyzing mobile traffic.

Visualizing Mobile Traffic Worldwide [Infographic] 

“In the early 2000’s, text messaging was the thing, with youngsters regularly finding new ways to get creative with 180 characters, before mobile connectivity added a whole new element, and has completely altered the way we communicate and engage ever since.”

(via Social Media Today)

Set yourself up for a successful 2022 by planning your Tweets.

Twitter Publishes 2022 Planning Guide to Assist in Your Tweet Strategy

“Twitter has published a new 2022 planning guide to assist in your tweet strategy, which includes a range of templates, tips and prompts to get you thinking about how to maximize your tweet approach over the next year.”

(via Social Media Today)

Happy New Year!
– Wade Foley & The Social Grit Team