Stop making these 7 mistakes on social media.

Stop making these 7 social media mistakes.

Social media should always be social-first — it’s the right there in the name. However, for some reason, many businesses make the mistake of thinking they need to “button up” and abide by a different set of rules. This isn’t traditional media like running a commercial on TV, your audience has an expectation when it comes to connecting with the brands they love.

Are you making these 7 social media mistakes?

1. Ignoring your audience. This may be the biggest of social media mistakes. Your audience wants to be a part of the conversation. Your audience engagement can be invaluable for future content strategy.
2. Misusing hashtags. Hashtags are still relevant as long as you’re using them correctly. Be careful, overusing or misusing looks spammy. Use tags that are relevant to your industry, niche, and location.
3. Ignoring trends. Social media is a breeding ground for trends and movements. Don’t be afraid to try joining trends — it can often give your audience a lighthearted, personal connection to your brand.
4. Posting just for the sake of posting. It’s 7 pm and your business hasn’t posted yet today? Don’t drop a “what’s up?” Tweet just because… a conversation starter is great at any time of day, but be sure you’re putting in a little thought and ready to carry the conversation.
5. Expecting something from your audience. Posting your sale 10x in a row won’t convince your audience to buy. If anything, you’re about to get unfollowed. Give value without expectation.
6. Boxing yourself in too much. It’s important to have brand guidelines for your voice and persona, but give yourself the flexibility to experiment and pivot with your strategy at times.
7. Trying to blend in. Embrace what makes you different. Why should people care about your business more than everyone else? You have a unique story, share it! Your audience wants to connect with the brand, but also the people behind it. Give them that personal connection and you’ll build loyalty (and eventually a larger audience).

How did you score? Are you making any of these social media mistakes?

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People won’t always understand your vision. Don’t let this deter you. It’s often the “crazy” ideas that are the ones most worth pursuing.

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