4 tips to success in the “new normal” of remote working.

4 tips to success in the “new normal” of remote working.

If these past 18 months have shown us anything, it’s that remote working is here to stay. As many businesses have been forced to adapt, data is showing that it’s generally better for productivity, mental health, and cost-efficiency. How can you make the most of this new normal? Let’s dive in.

Communication. Communication is crucial for teams of all sizes, but it has become increasingly important in this new remote business world. While email can be effective, it’s slow and inefficient for constant communication. Instant messaging and video calls can help keep your team connected in real-time.

Workspace. Everyone has their preference when it comes to a workspace. For many people who are used to having a clear separation between their work and home life, designating a work-only zone can help maintain those boundaries. Inside the workspace itself, don’t be afraid to incorporate aesthetics that are inspiring and personal. This isn’t a cubicle, make it a space you can enjoy being in.

Take breaks. We talk about this often. An underrated key to productivity is taking breaks. Even a 5-minute break can give your mind a chance to reset, refresh, and tackle the task at hand.

Structure. For many years, employees have been accustomed to a set structure of office life. While people often romanticize perceived flexibility and freedom of working remotely, structure in some form is what keeps productivity alive. Even if your situation allows for complete autonomy, we recommend setting business hours and task lists for yourself. This helps keep work focused while preventing too much bleed into your personal life.

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When it comes to social media marketing, everyone has their own opinion on the dos and don’ts. What most people agree on, however, is that CONSISTENCY is everything when trying to grow your presence and audience.⁠

Maintain consistency in your posting cadence and messaging, and you’ll most certainly see growth.

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 Brand Family Weekly Content Highlights

You could say that we are our clients’ biggest fans. We want to give them the spotlight they deserve. 

Each week on our social channels, we are going to highlight a few of our favorite pieces of content from the Social Grit brand family!

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“It’s been a long time coming, but finally, Clubhouse has announced that it’s moving out of closed beta, with the app now open to everyone who wants to join a Club and tune into the latest audio chats.”

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How to get verified on Instagram (the right way)

“On Instagram, it’s beneficial for the community for certain users to be verified, as this process ensures that a brand or notable person is who they claim to be. If you’ve ever viewed a user’s Instagram to find a small blue check mark next to their name, that user has been verified, and you can better trust that the account is official.”

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